About The Founders

Sam comes from a long line of well-respected hakims, whom served royal families and possessed great knowledge of healing.  Intuitively sam followed the will of great spirit and founded www.ygeiax.com { Herbal remedies } in 2014. Since, the company has rapidly grown into a global presence offering high quality Ayurvedic remedies in over 10 countries. Outside of  natural medicine Sam studied furniture design and helps his brother in furniture manufacturing in ludhiana. He decided to quit the city few years back and shifted to the holy mountains of dharamshala. This shift was easier since he is by birth from Himachal. Its been an year since he started a homestay project with Tara bagaria hosting guests from all over and they are now a superhost on Airbnb. 


Tara Bagaria has masters  in clinical hypnosis, working in the field for almost a decade and a half. Her unconventional approach to psychology, gets to the root of healing. Coming from an Army background,  throughout her formative years was exposed to many cultures and languages, giving her a unique ability to understand a vast range of people. With a former background in  film industry as Screenplay and direction, her ability to decorate the place as it is a play on the screen  shines through her work at Cosmic geeks. She became the co founder of ygeiax, (a herbal medicine company) in 2015 and worked proactively till 2018. Later she shifted to the mountains of dharamshala and founded Cosmic geeks in 2020 as a way to better serve her clients in a more holistic approach to health and nature. Healing the planet and its inhabitants is her truest mission.